What would the first 30 days on the job look like, if I were offered the position? Asking these questions helps the employer envision you in the role and what. Questions about interests and career goals. Use these to learn if candidates would be compatible with your company in the long-run. (e.g. “What's your area of. Question: "Can you tell me about a ten-year career for someone in this position?" This question demonstrates your desire or passion for working for the. Have questions prepared to ask the employer. What do you want to know about the company? Some ideas on what to ask about are typical entry-level jobs, job. Questions That Convey Your Skills and Qualifications · “What skills are you looking for in a qualified candidate?” · "Are there any specific courses that you.

Questions You Can Ask: · What goals does your company have for the future? · What kinds of entry level positions exist within your organization? · What does your. • Are you going to be hiring any new staff? Are job prospects good, stable or competitive? • What is a typical day like? What do you particularly enjoy. Do you offer full-time contracts? · Do you have a training and mentoring scheme? · What is the hiring process like? · How would you describe your. What do you really want to do in life? · Why did you choose this career? · What do you consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses? · Describe the best. How does the company evaluate employee performance, and do you have career development plans that people can track to? Internship Questions. Definitely make. Questions to Ask at the Job & Internship Fair · What qualities and background are you looking for in employees? · I am currently a freshman so I have I some. Make a short list of questions, being honest about what you really are unsure of. They don't expect you to know much but they'll look for. Remember, a career fair is a two-way street and you should be evaluating these companies as much as they are evaluating you. ❖ What is your organization's. St. Mark's Career Day is an opportunity for you to explore different careers by learning from alumni, parents and friends who are experts in their. Practice asking open-ended questions that will elicit the type of information that will help you make a good decision about this opportunity. Below are some. Tailor the questions you ask to your career interests and goals. Don't ask questions just for the sake of asking questions — make sure it is information that.

Questions to Ask at Career/Job Fairs – Continued: Key Company Information: · Are there specific career tracts within the organization? · What is your. 1. Ask About a Particular Role · Is the [open role] you currently have listed more focused on [some function or aspect of the company] or [some other function. One way to make a good impression at a Career Fair is to ask the right questions. Your questions say a lot about you and reflect your motivation and values. You are asked questions about your work How does a virtual job fair differ from an in-person job fair Make good eye contact into the camera when you speak. What qualities are important to you in a potential employer? What will help you decide if they are a good fit for you? Make a list of your priorities and then. (If it is not, then it is okay to ask.) "Based on my resume, what kind of job do you think would be good for me?" Such an open-ended question that focuses on. 8 Questions To Ask Employers At A Career Fair · 1. What career paths are available in your organization? · 2. What is your hiring process like for college hires? What Are the Skills and Attributes You Value Most in Your Employees? " " Do your homework before you walk into the job fair. Recruiters will. Virtual sessions are an opportunity for you to learn about employers and decide which are a good fit for you. Think about what interests you most about the.

Questions to ask at a career fair: 1. What is the hiring process? 2. What is your company culture? 3. What are recent trends in the industry? 1. Can you describe your company culture for me? You can't just ask this question from anyone at the job fair. There will be recruiters who don'. So, what should you ask? This is the perfect time to get a sense of company culture, ethics and the day-to-day duties of the job. When compiling your questions. Great Questions to Ask at Career Fairs · Questions to Ask: Maximizing Information and Making an Impression · Are there specific career paths in the organization. You should also expect to answer common career fair questions about why you chose your major, what you liked most and least about your studies and what your.

Ask the hard questions. · How long is the average tenure of an employee? · Am I going to be a mentor? · Will I be mentored? · What skills and personal attributes. Ask About Their Experience · How long have you been with the company, and what do you enjoy most about it? · What's your favorite aspect of your job? · Can you. What job would you choose if you didn't do what you do now? What do you think are going to be good jobs in the future? What is the most satisfying. What is a typical day like at your organization? • What makes a candidate a good team member? • What skills and qualities do you look for in interns or new. Tell Me About Yourself - A Good Answer To This Interview Question. Dan Lok · 17M views ; Career Fair Tips For Students: A Guide to Preparation and. 1. Ask about the recruitment process to show you are a serious candidate and are eager to start work at the company in question. Example questions include. Teachers and counselors can use this tool to prepare students for an upcoming career or college fair by providing them with the most important questions to. Sample questions to ask at a career fair · 1. What skills and qualifications do I need to work in X position? · 2. What does the career path for a Y position in.

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